Monday, June 24, 2013

Currently: June

in disbelief that June is already halfway over.
nervously keeping an eye on the fire weather forecasts, situation reports, and Inciweb.
laughing at myself that checking these things has become such a big part of my day to day.
embracing the alone time I have had recently.
eating random and varied meals.
happy to know my fellow fire wives are the same way.
loving the warmer but not too hot weather.
eager for the monsoons to hit.
loving that we finally got public library cards.
appreciative for friends and family that are always there to support me.
proud of my little sister Megan for accomplishing her dreams despite her struggles the past few years.
missing my family like crazy.
hoping to get back to California at least once this summer.
trying to avoid making the arduous drive. 
celebrating so many little ones being born lately.
planning parties.
making tiny things for tiny babies.
listening to lots of music lately.
finding myself repeating my summer favorites. 
reading new books and crossing titles off the list.
taking in every moment.

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