Friday, April 11, 2014

Project Life 2013 | Weeks 3-4

While I am waiting to order my photos for the last few months, I have been putting finishing touches on my 2012 and 2013 albums. A few times this month, I will be sharing a look at those finished pages here. Today, it is weeks 3 and 4 from 2013. I shared glimpses of these two spreads back in June when I talked about how I capture different life events

Week 3: January 14 - 20
This was the page leading up to my documentation of the 2013 BrewHaHa. We didn't have a lot going on in the first part of that week, but there were three stories that I wanted to remember. They fit perfect into this Design B page and all the photos carried a lot of the same colors and I found this yellow, orange, pink combo for journaling cards was the perfect fit. I used two paislee press printables and two cards from the Seafoam core kit.
One of the cards from the core kit, I simply attached the business card from one of our favorite restaurants. The other I journaled about a birthday playdate using a hot pink Zig dual tip pen. The layered circle printable from paislee press, was just printed in written on as well.
The last filler card for this page is from the paislee press Is It Friday Yet journaling card set. I added the text of an obituary over the top before printing it. Little did I know that it wouldn't be the only obituary added to this years albums. 

Week 4: January 21 - 27
Unlike the previous week, this week was really intense and supremely busy. We had a lot packed into 7 days. Besides the insert for Color Run, there were two other things added as well. 

 As a side note, before talking about this spread, I want to share some background and a story. Normally, I would not document someone's passing so in depth but there was something really special about this particular person. Ms. Betty was a woman from our church. At the time of her death she was 85 years old. She was an extremely active and independent lady. In her last few months she had driven from one side of the country to the other and back again. She had taken several plane flights and attended numerous social events. She was always serving and always bowling. In fact, she told our pastor that she only knew something was wrong because she only scored 180 at her bowling tournament. As it turns out, she was bowling on a fracture leg and her heart was not so healthy. When she found this all out, we still had a heck of a time keeping her down.

It was only a few days later that she suffered some medical stuff and they informed her that they didn't think she would live much longer. Ms. Betty held on for 6 more weeks. Almost every day she woke up in hospice she was disappointed that she hadn't "gone to Jesus". She told us that she couldn't wait to get to fly home. It was such an eye opening and beautiful concept. She knew her work here was done and she knew where she was going. It was so incredibly beautiful. Based on what she taught me in her last days, I felt it was important to document as much as I did.
For the inserts here one is clear thick plastic for card making with letter stickers and the program from her services on it. I trimmed it so that it would be close to the same width as the photo insert. The photos are in a Design C page cut in half. This was the side without ring holes so I added thick washi tape. 
This is how it all ended up looking together. I knew the second half of the week was going to be color heavy with all my Color Run stuff, so I picked some calmer colors for the first half of the week. Lots of light blues, grays, and white. This is one of my favorite weeks in my 2013 by far. 

Project Life supplies:
Binders, plastics, and 3x4 gridded journaling cards via the Becky Higgins Amazon StorefrontSeafoam Project Life KitStazOn Black InkVersamark White Ink. Elise Joy Quote Cards. Zig Dual Tipped Pen Black Pink and OceanUni-Ball White Ink Gel Pen. Paislee Press printables. Scotch Expressions Chevron Tape. Staples Date Stamp. Martha Stewart and Avery Labels.

Disclaimer: Project Life® is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. To see all my posts deatiling how I use her system to document our life story click here.

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