Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life 2014: Opening Page + This Year's Approach

One of my 2014 intentions is to completely finish my 2012 and 2013 albums. They are mostly done but they definitely need some finishing touches. While going back, I have noticed that there are some weeks where all I have to "show" for it are pictures of food and tweets. Our current lifestyle really does not need weekly documentation. As a result, I think I am going to switch gears to a monthly/big events based album for now. It makes more sense for our life right now.

This year's album is the Becky Higgins/American Crafts Grey Faux Leather 12x12 album. To be honest, I only bought these because they were on sale. In 2012, I used the signature black album. I love that style. By Christmas 2012, they were phased out in black, so my Mother in Law purchased them in white for 2013. I hate the white version because they got so dirty just from being looked through from the beginning of the year. I am hoping grey will be a better alternative.
sidenote: my printer's colors are a little off right now that is why the photos my look a little wonky. For the first photo of the page, I placed the original images over the messed up photos.  That is also why the "At the start" colors don't quite match the title card. 
With so many leftovers from Studio Calico kits and the Seafoam core kit, and some Two Peas products, I did not purchase a core kit this year. I think I have enough to work with between my physical stash and digital products to get by. I am also playing with the idea of using Design A page protectors throughout the bulk of the album.

Details: The look of this opening page is similar to all my others with a title card in the upper left hand corner with the dates covered by this album, a 3x4 photo of each of us, and a photo of us together. I also included our initial cards and a card detailing where we are at the beginning of the year. The title card came from a Birchbox. The text on the other 3 insert cards were printed here at home. The patterns were from a WRMK booklet, and the gridded 4x6 was a leftover Studio Calico 4x6.

Tools and supplies:
Binder and plastics via the Becky Higgins Amazon Storefront. Assorted Elise Joy stamps. Martha Stewart and Avery Labels. Staples Date Stamp. WRMK Simply Happy Journaling Cards.

Disclaimer: Project Life® is a memory keeping system creating by Becky Higgins. To see all my posts deatiling how I use her system to document our life story click here.

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