Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy 2014! Intentions + One Little Word

Why hello friends! I cannot believe it is already 2014 and has been quite some time since I have even peeked in here. I could go on and on all about the details of how we traveled and worked. I could detail our struggles. I could write probably 10 posts about it all. That is what we all do but I am not going to this time. It is a new year and I am moving right along.

I am starting out my year with a small list of things I intend to make happen this year. After so much that has happened since June, I am done making big plans. I am focusing on the little stuff, the everyday things, and the small moments.

2014 Intentions
Read 10 books this year; 5 from the list.
Run two 5ks.
Completely finish my 2012 and 2013 albums.

One Little Word: Grow
Grow is my word for the year. Again, another word that encompasses so much that I want to make happen. Each one of my intentions so far have a little bit to do with this word. Most importantly though, growth is a big part of healing and that is something we are all kinda working on this year.

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