Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weekly Links 10/17

24 mind blowing photos. 

Another Breast Cancer patient's view on "Pink Washing" and "Going Braless for a Cause," and this year's follow up.

Love this Army Man Alphabet.

10 Lies TV Told Us

Do you enjoy drinking games? I suggest you check out The Blogger's Drinking Game!

What happens when you post a recipe for ice cubes? You get fantastic comments about how the poster is "a lifesaver" because Grandma Ethel took her secret recipe to the grave and many more.

With the temperatures dropping around here, these house slipper socks from Megan's Custom Crochet have been keeping my feet cozy!

Now that Sprouts have opened in Flagstaff, I have some favorite new snacks: Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks, Greek Gods Honey Kefir, and

Dan over at The Food In My Bead decided to take on the challenge of marrying a burger and burrito resulting in The Burgerrito.

Delirious Rhapsody is in the middle of hosting her annual Fall Fashion Week! I love seeing everyone's fall outfits and seriously wish I had her sense of style.

Wish List: These plates, this pitcher, and these baking dishes.

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