Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Currently: October

making trips from one end of the state to another regularly.
drinking coffee most mornings.
experimenting with fall flavors.
developing new recipes.
enjoying time with family friends.
comforting and being comforted by those people.
hunting for a new rental.
reading so many titles this year.
stuck with one in particular.
wearing sweaters and hoodies and ready for scarves.
snuggling babies.
walking over 6,000 steps daily.
dreaming about the Disney trip we were going to be taking.
trying to finish more of my summer bucket list.
hating the furlough.
cherishing our downtime during it.
getting excited for our 5k this weekend.
crying at the tiniest things and at the weirdest moments.
working through the grief from the past six weeks.
adjusting to our new normal.

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