Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Five: Summer Beverages

If you know me in real life, you know I hardly go anywhere without a Nalgene filled with water. Most days I drink about 100 fl oz. Every now and then I need something a little more than just water. With the heat setting in, the necessity for cold, refreshing drinks is growing! Today's Friday Five is all about my favorite summer drinks including some recipes/photos from our first year blogging.

1. Watermelon CoolerA great way to use leftover watermelon. It is naturally sweet and can easily be made into an adult beverage with a splash of vodka, run, or tequila. 

2. White Wine Sangria/Clerico PunchA light mix of white wine and summer fruits. 

3. Melon and Cucumber Waters: For two summers, the farmer's market had a vendor that made these waters. It was more than just the spa water that has been popular in recent years and different from juice. They were amazing! I am hoping they will be back this year. 

4. Voltage Float: This is a sugary mixture of Mountain Dew Voltage and vanilla ice cream. 

5. Berry Blue Blast Kool Aid and Sprite: I only really have this drink combination when we are eating at our local toasted sub place. They have Kool Aid in a fountain. My proportions are 2/3's Kool Aid to 1/3 Lemon Lime soda.

Now that Summer is here, do you have any seasonal favorites?

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