Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five: Our Top 5 Disney Memories

And the Disney craziness continues. What can I say? I love Disney! I could have done this week's Friday Five as My top five favorite Disney E-Cards. Instead, we are getting a little sentimental up in here with the top ten moments from our honeymoon. Five from Berkeley and five from myself. I promise the end is in sight with my last planned Disney related post coming on Monday. Well, until our next Disney vacation! 
1. Entering the esplanade between the parks hearing the music and "feeling the magic". 
2. Enjoying The Gold Rush and people watching. Just taking a moment for us. 
3. Experiencing the magic with Ashley for the first time and seeing how happy she was. 
4. Experiencing Radiator Springs in California Adventure.
5. Experiencing the Haunted Mansion changed over as The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

1. Experiencing my first HolidayTime at Disney with Berke and sharing my favorite things with him.
2. Spending over an hour playing like kids at the Redwood Creek Wilderness Trail.
3. Dancing on an empty Paradise Pier. 
4. Experiencing Radiator Springs in California Adventure.
5. Berkeley's patience with my limitations due to that crazy foot injury and the small things we did as a result. One of those things was resting while watching a parade together, eating a frozen lemonade. 

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