Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Disneyland Honeymoon {2}

Sunday we had a late start. I really woke up that morning exhausted. After wedding planning and the wedding itself, the four days in between our wedding and honeymoon were not enough to keep me energized for 4 days in the parks. Plus walking all around the parks and then walking another mile each way to get to the hotel and back on an injured foot takes a lot out of you.

As kids, my parents took us back to the hotel during midday. So I had never spent much time in the parks between 2-5pm. Boy, was it packed! We still managed to beat the crowd to get on to Grizzly Rapid Run. Right across the way is the Redwood Creek trail. Last time I was there it was Brother Bear Themed, now it is Up themed and you can earn Wilderness Explorer badges! We did a lot of running around on ropes course and slides and whatnot. Pretty much we spent roughly 90 minutes acting like children running around. It gave my feet a chance to dry out before we bandaged back up.

We wandered around and people watched in California Adventure a bit while deciding on dinner options. The quest for dinner took us to Downtown Disney. We walked through some shops including the Lego store that had a huge Lego structure of Prince Phillip battling Maleficent's Dragon. It was awesome.

Back to Disney that night for Buzz Lightyear's Blasters, Star Tours, and watching the fireworks and parades. Sunday was definitely the day that was the most magical. Not in the "Disney Magic" way. It was special just getting to do things at our own pace and enjoy just sitting on a bench together sharing our favorite moments of the last few weeks.

Monday was our last day in the park and we did a lot. Resting on Sunday really let me be ready for a full day in the park. We got to the parks right at opening time. Our original plan was to get to California Adventure early to get FastPasses to Radiator Springs Racers. Yeah Right! Every dad was in that line while their wives and kids were off having fun. The line was so long it went all the way into HollywoodLand and looked to be roughly 500 feet long!

We got some PhotoPass photos in front of the Carthay Circle Christmas Tree and then went to Disneyland. We were able to ride Splash Mountain, do target practice, tried to see Jack and Sally, had lunch at Big Thunder Ranch, and  rode Big Thunder Mountain.

We tried to get on rides in FantasyLand but there were a ton of children everywhere! We went by the front of Sleeping Beauty's and got the worst pictures taken. By this point is was roughly 2pm and I needed a rest. Where I sat just happened to be one of the shaded spots along the parade route. I ended up with an hour long rest, a frozen lemonade and a Princess Parade!

The rest of the day included Innoventions, more people watching, and another trip to California Adventure and dinner. After dinner, we got onto Pirates of the Caribbean for the third time for less than a 20 minute wait. We sat on a bench and watched the end of Fantasmic and Fireworks and finished our Disney adventure with the Haunted Mansion.

As I reread over all the details, it seemed like there were chunks of time missing, but then I remembered I was a cripple. Walking took a long time during this trip and we were able to take the Disney Railroad around the edge of the park. It really was the key to keeping me going. I look forward to our next trip and we both be fully mobile!

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