Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Random Talents

I'm a follower! On Saturday, one of my favorite bloggers posted a list of random things she is good at. Then another awesome blogger posted her list. So now, I am following suit. See? I'm a follower!

A List of Random Things I am Good At:

1. I can pick things up with my toes. More like I can grab things with my feet. Somewhat like a primate. It is totally weird and random, especially since I have small feet and small toes. Random side fact about us is that Berkeley's thumb is bigger than my big toe, "index" toe and middle toe.

2. I have a crazy memory. Even when intoxicated. Especially when intoxicated. My college girlfriends used to call me impeccable because I could always remember where our stuff was stashed while we were at parties. I am really good with faces and names as well. I think jobs in direct customer service (reception, food service, sales, retail) really amplify this trait in people.

3. I am really good about being by myself. Sometimes, I do get a little down when I don't keep busy, but for the most part I am okay with alone time. This is a key part of our relationship working. I like being a loner now and then. I know some people are recalling my worry ridden tweets and posts throughout the summer. Those are based on fear when I haven't heard from him regularly on assignment, not really being by myself.

4. According to Berkeley, I am really good at getting excited for little things. Genuinely, the simplest things can make me happy. Regular snail mail, homemade cards, a good Pandora playlist, birds chirping in the morning, long car rides, and taking decent photos of myself are all on the list.

So that is my list. What are you randomly good at?

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