Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Five: Awesome Furniture You Can Sit On

We have been living in our current apartment for almost two years now. Since the beginning we have been signing leases that are more than a year long. Our current lease is up in November, but with fire season quickly approaching we had been considering our options. Top of that options list was looking into buying a home! With the sequester, that barely feasible option slipped from our grasp for this year.

During this short few weeks of considering options, I was getting carried away looking at furnishing, decorating, and refurbishing options. I went a little crazy with Pinterest "liking" all sorts of things for handful of houses we were lusting over. Since we are putting to rest the idea of being homeowners for now, I am sharing some of my favorite furniture picks from the past few weeks, including some apartment friendly bun resters!

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