Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy February!

I took a little break there. This past month has been relatively slow in the day to day with Berkeley's work schedule. On top of it, I got pretty ill. I am starting to perk back up. I have been working on new posts and I am still in the process of fixing all of those old posts that are mysteriously missing photos.

Also because decrease in posting this past month means a little less traffic than normal, I gave the lovelies on my sidebar an extra month at no extra charge. I am extending that promotion for new sponsors as well. Purchase one month and receive another 30 days for free! See sponsor options here.

Lastly, I have had some questions related to the wedding. I have some basic photos from the guests of the big day but we do not have our professional photos back yet. I have been waiting for those so that I can just do one or two recaps posts all in one week instead of a million pictures over the course of months. Please continue being patient while everything with that gets wrapped up. After those recap posts, I will also do a roundup of our actual trip to Disney not just the food.

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