Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Color Run 5K Recap

This past weekend we participated in The Color Run in Tempe, Arizona. Our clothes were soaked when we got to the start. It rained the whole time but it was 60* so it was great compared to the 35* and snow in Flagstaff. And it rained the whole day after the event. 

There was no physical preparation for this run. We participated with Berkeley's parents and I was half expecting to just walk the whole thing with them. As we approached the start, we lost them in the crowd. So it was just Berke and I. He planned to do most of it running and jogging. We found a happy medium. 

The run itself started on the North Bound Mill Ave bridge over the Salt River. We lined up, did some stretches and got pumped to go! Berkeley set the pace for this stretch but it did not last long and we stopped before the 202 overpass. I was starting to feel a little defeated and I felt like I was letting Berkeley down.

The seed of doubt was setting down roots. "What was I thinking trying to run a 5K?" was something I thought several times before the first color station. That first half mile was really rough. We turned off Mill onto Curry and neared the Pink color station. We could hear the music and hear the volunteers cheering other runners and walkers on. 

We started slowly jogging to get to a pace I was comfortable with. We jogged through the first color station and made it a few paces past. Again, I felt that seed of doubt creeping its way in to lay some negative thoughts. This particular section had a slight elevation to it so it was adding another layer of difficulty. 

As we were coming up on the Yellow color station the rain eased up and the road was flattening. It was actually on Curry as well not where the markers on the above map. We slowly started jogging further our from this color area than we did the previous. This time we were the only ones in the color area. We got blasted with the Yellow paint powder. 

We continued jogging from the color station all the way to the intersection of Curry and College Ave. As we slowed down, I realized there was paint powder caked on the left side of my face, in my nose and in my mouth. It was great. The next mile was pretty dull. Despite the above map, there wasn't another color station until Orange station along the Salt River. 

From just before the Orange section, all the way to the end, we jogged. That last stretch was a little intense and included the blue station which was also a giant puddle. I was in beact mode mainly because I was going to just wade through the giant puddles. The only option was to run through them. 

I'll admit I was getting tired and bogged down by other people.  People walking and running on the wrong side of the course. People not following the course, walking the wrong way and just plain stopping on the course. I was ready to get my next colors and make my way to the finish. 

Despite the rain and the stained skin, we had a blast and I will be participating again. I ran the last .8 mile non stop for a combined total of approximately 1.48 miles ran. So I ran nearly half of it, which was a lot more than I was expecting to. Even while doing it, I did not have such high hopes for myself. 

The Color Run was so much fun! It was a great experience. Not to mention it was just the kickstart I needed to get back to getting in shape. I spent the better part of Sunday and Monday with a heat pad on my hip and butt. Even still, I totally recommend this event and you should definitely participate in a Color Run near you!

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