Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our Food Adventures at Disneyland

We had an amazing time at Disneyland! It was great to take it all in at our own pace. We had both never been just to go without a group of people. All decisions were based on what the two of us wanted. That included our foods. It was great!
First stop when we got there on Friday was dinner at Award Wieners in California Adventure! This is a counter service style eatery in HollywoodLand. We got there just in time to watch the Pixar Fun Parade. Berkeley ordered the BBQ Hot Link which was a classic hot link, grilled onions and barbecue sauce. Mine was the Portobello Philly with Grilled Portobello, onions & bell peppers sauteed in hefeweizen, topped with pepper jack cheese.

Berkeley loved the hot link. Even though my wiener was technically vegetarian, it was really filling. Since we had driven all day and were only planning to spend a few hours in the park, this was perfectly filling to get us through. For less than $15 we had great "Wieners".

Saturday morning we got a pretty early start on Disneyland. We went some of the classic rides like Big Thunder Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion. As we headed toward The Matterhorn we stopped at a stand with various grab and go food/fast snacks. We made a little "picnic" out of it. Another shared meal that was enough to keep us energized without being stuffed. 

Saturday night for dinner we headed back to California Adventure. This time we stopped at Pacific Wharf. If you haven't been to California Adventure, it is based on stereotypical areas of the state of California. Pacific Wharf is similar to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. They even make their own Boudin Sourdough bread. Their bread bowls are huge  and filled with creamy, rich chowder that's chock full of clams, diced potatoes, celery, onion and peppers . It was more than enough for the two of us! Another meal for two for under $20.

Sunday was a weird day for us. We had a late start on the day in the parks. We slept in and I didn't get out of bed until noon-ish. Breakfast was half of a bagel and lunch was the other half of the bagel with cream cheese and hormel turkey pepperoni. Dinner was at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Berkeley ordered St Louis style ribs and I had a Tilapia and Coconut Shrimp plate. It was nothing special, just your typical chain style dinner. 

Monday was our last day in the park. There was one thing I had been planning on all weekend. Since we were late to the park on Sunday, our lunch at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ was on Monday. Also the same day we wore our white shirts! Great Idea LOL.

I will admit that this was pretty pricey, but it is amazing and is a great meal. First of all it is a full service all you can eat family style country barbecue. Once we were seated our "ranch hand" brought out the heavy pot of ribs and chicken and large bowls of coleslaw and beans, and a basket of corn bread. To be completely honest, the first pot of chicken and ribs was gone in about 10 minutes. We asked for another pot but only of ribs. They were so tender, moist, and delicious! To add to your meal there is always some kind of stage performance going on.

Our last meal at Disney was actually in California Adventure, again. This time we got Pizza and Pasta on the edge of Paradise Pier. We got Five-Cheese Ravioli with pesto sauce and toasted pine nuts and a pepperoni pizza on flatbread. Ww sat in a quiet courtyard with twinkle light covered trees, and while we were eating we listened to World of Color. It was a simple meal that we probably could have just shared one of the two entrees.

Also, during our days there we did give in to some of the treats that Disney offers. Every time we passed a cart I really wanted a churro. Then I remembered that they want $3.50 for a damn stick of fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar. However, we did get a Minute Maid frozen Lemonade while I rested (you know because of that gouge in my foot, not because I wanted to watch the Princess parade). The best treats we had came from California Adventure. Where Pacific Wharf meets the edge of the new CarsLand is the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop! It's the winner!

We stopped by on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night it was a Sea Salt Caramel Hot Chocolate. It was warm and delicious and put a little pep in our step since we dropped that chocolate square in. Sunday afternoon we allowed ourself another treat. Berkeley wanted ice cream and while I would have settled from a dipped Mickey Ears, Berkeley wanted Ghirardelly again!. The Gold Rush on our order. Vanilla ice cream with freshly homemade hot fudge and melted peanut butter throughout, perfectly topped with whipped cream, chopped almonds, a cherry and a Ghirardelli Squares milk chocolate. 

It was all amazing! We made great choices and even stayed within the loose budget I had created for ourselves. I know these choices are not ideal for everyone, especially those with kids, but when we found a hotel room for less than $100/night short notice within walking distance to the park and it didn't have a fridge, we had to scrap our plan for packing lunches. 

For us it turned out well. We are already planning another pre-babies trip to Disneyland Resort and making a list of places we want to eat while we are there. 

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