Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Influenster Holiday VoxBox

On Christmas Eve I received a medium sized box filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies from Influenster. I am sure many of you fellow bloggers know all about Influenster. Basically, it is a community for people to come together to offer reviews and insights to products and experiences. Active members of the site receive deals and the opportunity to review products from all kinds of brands, websites, and manufacturers. This time around I was a lucky member selected to receive the Holiday VoxBox.

My box came with six physical products to try, as well as a coupon for a shoe website. Overall, my first reaction upon opening the box was intrigue. After further inspection, I definitely had a few things I was really excited to try and some not so much. In the end I was happy with 5 out of 7 of the provided products.

EBOOST Natural Energy
This is one of those things I really was not excited to try. It is an effervescing powder to mix with water to supposedly have a natural boost to make you feel great. My VoxBox came with Acai Pomegranate powder. I mixed up this up after one really busy weekend hoping for pick me up. Boy was I wrong.

First, the flavor and texture was as if someone took some Flintstone chewable vitamins and kid's Tylenol, ground them up and steeped them in water. There was no fizz. There was also no boost. In the end, I was sitting there with a nasty taste in my mouth and a full blown migraine. It is safe to say, I will not be trying these again.

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque

I was really excited for this masque!! Mine was the chocolate one. I used only half of the packet and smoothed it over my face in a unified layer. There are a lot of negative reviews about people breaking out immediately afterwards. I did not break out and I have extremely oily skin that breaks out frequently.

My skin was smooth, and the few blemishes I did have were less red after using a masque. My husband said that my skin looked fresh. I think the key with these face masques, like most cleansers, is to use a light moisturizer or toner to prevent your skin from becoming too dry and then overcompensating with facial oils and thus breaking out.  I will be ordering more of these masques.

Goody QuikStyle Brush
This was the first product I used from the Holiday VoxBox. My hair is quite long and curly. I normally use a comb with my wet hair. The micro fiber things in the brush to help dry the hair were sopping wet and my hair was still dripping. My husband has been using this brush on his own hair in the mornings before heading to work. He loves that is gets his shorter hair dry in a timely manner before he heads out to freezing temperatures for work at a ski resort.

Sole Society
Love Love Love my shoes! It was so easy to order and put in my code. The shoes arrived before I was expecting them to and fit wonderfully.

Kiss Nail Dress

These little things were extremely convenient to use. You put them them, file off the excess, and call it a day! I love that you can easily trim them with scissors to make them into a manicure or use them on your toes. I love that there is no drying time at all.

The set I received were weird mix of the antique flowers you see on silverware and different animal prints, with some jewel type things. Not exactly fitting for a grown woman. For my hands, I used one of the patterns on just one finger on each hand, but I did a full pedicure. Like I mentioned before, I love the ease and variety of uses. If I can find a more grown up print/pattern for these I will be purchasing more.

Quaker Real Medley's 

Their advertisement states "Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+ is simply the best oatmeal ever". I received the Apple Walnut flavor in the Holiday VoxBox. I wasn't exactly blown away and it is definitely not "the best oatmeal ever".

The connivence would be nice if I were still in college and only had a microwave to work with. A canister of the regular instant Quaker oats cooks up just as fast on my stove top and can be put in a glad-ware container to take on the go for a lot less money. You can also put in better testing/fresher/healthier add-ins than flash-dried/preservative-filled fruit and nuts that are in prepackaged foods like this.

I had received the Apple Walnut flavor. I am not big on Apple and I really really dislike Walnuts. I pushed through and tried to enjoy the oatmeal. I could not though. I finished it, but I did not enjoy it and I will not be purchasing these. Ever!

NYC Liquid Lip Shine
I think this is my favorite product in the whole box! Great scent. It is smooth, long lasting with great coverage. Instead of being sticky like many other high shine glosses, the Liquid Lip Shine is light and silky. It is great! I received the Nude York City color. While it was slightly too sheer to wear alone, I love layering it on top of my night time lipsticks to make them more day appropriate. I am so glad these are available at all of the drugstores and pharmacy's near me!

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