Thursday, January 24, 2013

Currently January

enjoying each day.
experiencing much more grief and loss than I was expecting to with the passing of a great woman we knew. 
excited to be "running" my first 5k. Color Run Arizona is this coming Saturday.
hoping I can find more verbs than those starting with "E".
reading more this year than I did last year. Right now, it is Hiding in Sunshine by John and Caitlin Stuart
appreciating both our small and big date nights.
yearning for changing.
preparing for Fire Season.
stretching myself a little thin the last few weeks.
printing more photos at home than I ever have before.
staying (almost) current with Project Life. 
making time, well trying to at least.
wishing for better sleep.
stepping into more responsibility in other aspects of my life.
writing a daily set of 750 words.
filling our social calendar so that I don't go stir crazy.
preparing for a massive purging of stuff in our lives.
favoring the colored pants I purchased last week.
eating a lot of rawer and more whole foods and then splurging on quality pizza.
loving how beautiful this season has been despite the cold snap.
embracing light as much as possible.

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