Thursday, January 10, 2013

Horseradish Cheddar Pumpkin... What??!

Today's post was supposed to be this awesome recipe for a super creamy mild horseradish mac and cheese with an aged white cheddar. I had found this beautiful aged white horseradish cheddar to use in some sandwiches. All day I had been thinking about making this delicious cheesy goodness with a kick.

Things were going great. The pasta was boiling with the sauce base (milk, half and half, seasonings, mustard). The cheese was ready to be added. I was just waiting for the noodles to get just a little more tender. I noticed that the sauce was really starting to thicken and I wanted to add a splash of half and half.

I reached into the fridge grabbed the bottle and splashed it in and back in the fridge it went. As I was mixing, I noticed a sweet, vanilla scent coming up. I looked back in the fridge. Instead of grabbing the half and half, I just added vanilla caramel coffee creamer!!

Berkeley came to assess the situation. As soon as he entered the kitchen, he could smell the creamer. I added more milk and salt and pepper. It only seemed to make it more potent! My perfect mac and cheese just turned into a weird mixture of creamy sauce base with the tang of vanilla and caramel. I still had a can of pumpkin puree. Into the pot it went along with all the cheese.

Now it wasn't the worst thing ever. It wasn't even the worst thing I had ever made. However, it just wasn't the creamy horseradish mac and cheese I had been dreaming of all day!

What was your biggest kitchen flub?

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