Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Today is the Day!

I have been sitting on this post for awhile now. Contemplating how many details I wanted to share of our wedding day and whether it be before or after. I finally figured it out and this post is going live right about the same time that we hope to be exchanging vows.

My Wedding Ring
You have all seen the engagement ring. A beautiful round sapphire in a silver setting with two triangle diamonds on either side. I could not be more in love with it. Originally my plan was to find something simple to wear as a wedding band since own its own, my engagement ring is a real attention getter. I wanted something that could be worn all by itself or nestled up against my big beautiful sapphire. We definitely pondered the style for awhile. It came down to a tiny filigree band or one of those super popular knotted rings.Back in February, I thought that decision was pretty much made up for me when I became the proud owner of a Bario Neal Knottedrush ring, thanks to both the people at Bario Neal and at Style Me Pretty. I won this "beautiful" ring! That's right, WON! I was so thankful to both companies, especially to Bario Neal. At first I, was blown away with the ring and was over the moon with the quality and design of this gorgeous ring! I loved that the ring was light and moderately flush with my skin. It didn't sit up too much. It didn't have  a very high profile.

Originally, I wasn't going to wear it before the wedding. Then I got my hand slammed in something while I was still at Michaels and my engagement ring got distorted and the sapphire came loose. I switched to the Bario Neal ring. I am glad I did. I am glad I found out sooner than later. Within 2-3 months, the band was severely warped. And in October the band completely broke. What that picture up there doesn't show is the seam where they join the ends together. It is not one whole piece. Frankly, it ended up being the crappiest piece of jewelry I have ever had! I am so glad I won this ring because I would never forgive myself for wasting money on it if I had purchased it.

After a minor freak out, I though I was back to square one. But not really! As we are exchanging vows, I will be gladly accepting the beautiful ring that Berkeley first picked out for me, my engagement ring.

The Dress

This was the part of wedding planning I was most anxious about! I don't wear white too often and since  the only proms I went to, I wore a full length formal skirt and just made different tops to pair with it for the different formals, except the one time I wore a black polka dot dress with a tulle petticoat. I rarely ever spend more than $100 on a single piece of clothing, so I was really worried about spending several times that on a dress I will only probably end up wearing once. Lastly, the thought of trying on layers and layers of fabric while being cinched up in a bustier and slip was stressing me out. 

When I made my first appointment, my two sisters and my mom came with me. I know I have talked about this before, but I am so glad they came! They offered different insights and encouraged me to try on dresses of different styles. Trying other styles really confirmed my love for the dress I did pick. 

That dress is a Galina dress which is a David's Bridal style PK3357. The dress is strapless with a sweetheart neckline, with a touch of ruching. The skirt is a ball gown style made of cascading vertical ruffles of polka dotted soft white tulle. The waist is defined with a thick grosgrain ribbon. I wanted a little more oomph so I added the black sash. From left to right in the photos above there is the sample I tried on with the black sash, the ad, and then me in my dress perfectly fitted at the perfect length!

I am so in love with my dress! And I love that every time I tried it on for my bridesmaids and our mothers, they all commented "That dress is so you!'. Everyone always talks about using their wedding to go all out. That is not me so I am glad I found a dress that was true the style and personality that is mine and reflects to others. 

So there it is! A small peek into some of our wedding day details! 

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