Friday, October 19, 2012

The Legacy Golf Resort

As I mentioned on Monday, the past weekend was our pseudo-bachelor parties. The original plan was for me and the ladies to get together, but since Berkeley had the weekend off as well, and hadn't seen his friends or family he came to Phoenix as well. After brunch at Postino's WineCafe in Gilbert, which I will write about next week, the ladies and I headed over to our room for the night at The Legacy Golf Resort

We pulled in and I could tell that this wasn't just any hotel room. Before I go any further, I must add that my best friend got this room as a Hot Deals fare from For those that don't know much about Hot Deals, these accommodations are listed with very little information about the hotel, the amenities and what specifically you are getting. They just list how many the room can sleep and the general location of the hotel. So you can either get really lucky or not so lucky. I would say we got the best deal possible since we only ended up paying half of the cost of a room.

The rooms are arranged in "casitas" around the property. Some of them are timeshare properties and multi-room condos and some are just rooms that can sleep up to four people. Clearly we got just a room that could sleep four. Our room had the typical bathroom, kitchenette, desk area, and tables. What set these rooms apart were the full service set of plates, glasses and silverware available as well as a dishwasher to clean it all. The room also came with a washer and dryer.

Our room had a patio was well, with a sliding glass door to access it. The picture above is taken from in front of that door looking toward the room door, the bed, and bathroom. To the right is the closet with the washer and dryer, the kitchen area, and the door to the next room, if you had reserved both. To the left is the sleeper sofa. Behind was the two desk areas, and some chairs and a table. To be honest though, we did not spend much time in the room.

The Legacy Golf Resort has an amazing pool area! Well, the grounds in general were amazing. The big pool was  unique. It had a general swim area that curved around an island type area and connected to a long straight lap pool. The island helped to dissipate any of the waves and splashing from people just swimming so that it would no disturb those swimming laps.

There was also a spa and a wading pool. We spent a good portion of the evening in the spa with some juicy girl talk. It was nice and relaxing. It was close enough to the edge of the pool that we could cool off quickly if the spa got too hot. The pool area also has a bar that you can get food and drinks from. Needless to say, after a certain time, the crowd gets a little rowdier as the drinks start flowing. After a few uncomfortable run ins with other hotel guests, we moved back to the room.

The room had a lot of space to just be. That was a huge help when us girls were trying to get ready to go out. There were several outlets for implements of hair destruction (i.e.: driers, curlers, straighteners) and lots of counter space for make up and other girlie junk.

I really had a great time. And the room was one of the best rooms I had ever stayed in. I loved that the pool area was outdoors. There was nothing that I could really complain about with this place. Maybe, it was the fact we were only there for 12-ish hours if you count sleeping time, but it really was a fabulous place! Berkeley and I will definitely be staying here the next time we need a hotel in the area, even without the discounted rate.

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