Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Labor" Day Week 2012

I have been pretty absent from the internet world for almost a week now. The blog and my social networking has been really quiet compared to normal. Thankfully, it is for amazing wonderful reasons!

Here in America, the first Monday of September is a federal holiday specifically dedicated to celebrating the economic and social contributions of workers. Mostly, it is celebrated by a weekend filled with BBQ's, parties, and general summer activities. Labor day weekend usually marks the ending of summer and the beginning of Autumn with the start of school.

For our circle of friends, Labor day weekend has a new meaning this year. As I briefly mentioned at the end of my August Around Here post, our close friends were getting ready to have a new baby all last week. I will spare all the intimate and medical details. That is not my story to tell. I will say that Mama Z worked so hard all weekend. She had been soldiering through active labor since Friday evening and finally little baby Z graced us with his presence on Sunday night! Jam Zambonini arrived on his due date Sunday September 2, 2012 around 8:35 pm (to clarify his legal name is not Jam that is the name the girls called the baby since they did not find out the sex until he was born, just trying to let the family have a little anonymity).

During this time, I had two house guests! Their 7 year old and their toddler came to stay with me so that Mama could work through her contractions without the added pressure and stress of taking care of the other two as well. I had a lot of fun, but it was also some work. Our apartment is not very kid friendly, so that added another interesting element to having them here. We had fun though! Here are some of the photos I got from the weekend.

There was so much more going on than seen in these photos. We have trips to the playground that the camera didn't get used because we were having so much fun running around, swinging, going down slides and pretending.

There was also lots of movie watching, fun with food, bubble baths, nap times, dress up, BEARS, cuddling, coloring, and living room floor picnics. I am not gonna sugarcoat it. There were some tantrums, breakdowns, rough nights and backtalk, but it was all worth it. At the end of the long weekend, there was a brand new baby in all of our lives and that is pretty fantastic!

I will probably continue to be absent from the internet for the coming days. I have been a sort of mother's helper while Mama Z recuperates and Baby starts settling into his home outside the womb. Plus, our little toddler friend will need some company while her Mama rests. 

In other news, Berkeley is still away. The girls were a great distractor from his absence and the terrible lack of communication. Hopefully, he will make it home in time for my 25th birthday coming in just a few days here. I hope you all had wonderful, and safe weekends! 

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