Friday, August 31, 2012

Around Here in August

Berkeley spent the first week of August in Augusta, MT. He sent me all these photos that totally made me envious. It is beautiful. He also got paid to "patrol" Glacier National Park and the Theodore Roosevelt Monument on the Continental Divide. Jealousy!

I suffered through a horrible dining experience, except the food was good. It was awkward. 

Driving around town, doing errands, I felt like I was being watched! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a 4-inch long grasshopper sitting on the inside of my car door. He rode along for roughly 6 miles and then jumped ship when I parked.

Berkeley finally came home from Montana! We resumed our Sunday Pool Nights. They recently changed their specials, which now includes their House Bloody Mary! Delicious!

Lots of thunder and lightening this Monsoon Season. Still in a drought, but vastly more precip than last summer. Hopefully that is good news for next summer. 

We got all the pieces for our invitations. Envelopes arrived, and then I found the perfect white pen. I hand addressed and stamped nearly 50 invitations. I love how they turned out!

Berkeley left for Idaho! They spent two nights in hotels on the way to the fire. I am so thankful to Berkeley's parents for our MacBooks, and so thankful for FaceTime! That cheesy picture is pretty much the last time I heard his voice and saw his face. There is no cell phone service at The Halstead Fire.  ETA: This was written on Wedesnday. Yesterday morning and this morning we were able to talk to 5 minutes before morning briefing. But it is the still the last time I have seen his face!

Spending a lot of time with the Zambonini's. Their new addition is coming soon, and some false labor means play dates with the girls. It also means that Mama Z needs some additional help with wrangling the wild and crazy toddler, especially at the 2nd grader's Open House! People ask if I am in the nanny regularly. Kinda awkward. It is nice to get out and spend time with people I love while Berkeley is away. It gets my mind off of the loneliness. 

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