Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Vendors!

This weekend we sent off the last of our vendor contracts and deposits! With 80 days left until our big day, this is huge! I am so excited about the people we are working with, here is a vendor highlight.

Dani and Phyllis from Heartline Cafe
We first got in contact with Dani and Phyllis at the 2011 Sedona Bridal Fair at Poco Diablo Resort. We loved their food, their attention to detail, and the fact that they were truly interested in working with us. We have visited the restaurant multiple times and it is always on our list when we are considering food options for our trips to Sedona.

So far they have been a dream to work with. Berkeley was having trouble getting in contact with them at first, but turns out that was because the waitstaff are horrible at transferring calls to the ladies for catering. When I called about it, Phyllis told me we were on the calendar and they were just waiting for our deposit so that we could move forward. They are friendliest and most knowledgeable ladies in the Sedona wedding industry.

Photo: Caleb Cooke Photography

Caleb Cooke Photography
The search for our photographer took 18 months! No exaggeration, no inflation. 18 months of getting our hopes up, and getting let down. 18 months filled with falling in love with photographers only to find out we could not afford their services as well as harassment from some of those photographers that just couldn't accept lack of funds as a reason why we had to walk away. After a small rant on Facebook, I was directed to Caleb's photography page by an old college friend.

I clicked through his Facebook albums, as well as his website galleries, and I was in awe! I immediately made contact with him to establish a price point before I let myself truly get hopeful. Thankfully, Caleb gave us an awesome quote and we arranged for a meet up. He is so nice and easy to talk to. I am socially awkward and nervous when it comes to meeting new people after initially communicating only online. Caleb came across so relaxed that it was easy for me to feel relaxed and I am so excited to work with him on our wedding day!

Tlaquepaque Patio de las CampaƱas and Calle Independencia
Obviously, this is no surprise! I have been raving about them since day one of all of this wedding madness. I love everything about this location. I love working with Adam Lovejoy to get everything squared away. I love the look, feel, and location of Tlaquepaque! Even when its covered in snow, I could not imagine a better place to exchange our vows!

As a Thank You to these great vendors, we have given them a little bit of ad space on the right hand sidebar! They are awesome and we really hope you check them out. We are not receiving any compensation for running these ads just helping these great businesses get a little extra exposure.

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