Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Bloggy Changes

This month has been FULL of turning this blog around. I went from only three posts in June, 10 posts in July, and now (hopefully) all most 20 posts by the end of August. Traffic is up significantly from the lull of May-July. Additionally, we got some ad space filled. Yay and Hi to all the new readers and sponsors! Thank you for stopping by. Now look to the left sidebar and then look up to the header.

Slowly I have been reusing my limited knowledge of html coding to add new stuff to the blog. The most recent addition has been the set of social networking buttons I added to the left sidebar. Want to follow me on Twitter? Click the little button over there. Want my RSS feed? There is a button for that too! There is even a button for my Pinterest page and for the new blog Facebook Page! I am hoping to add a button directing to a contact page soon, but only so much can be done in a day and I had my eyes set on something else.

At the top of the blog there is a new tab about us and the blog. I spent most of the evening going through old posts, old pictures, and old recipes to compile a single page that has my favorite parts of this blog! Our Blog Disclosure has been moved to that page as well.

If you are viewing this entry from Google Reader or email, click on through and check out some of the new stuff on the blog!

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