Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Adventures in Registering

As the wedding gets closer (80-ish days), I am slowly making the preparations and the travel arrangements to get to the bridal showers the awesome women in my life have so graciously offered me. When we first got engaged, we had created a makeshift registry because people asked us what we wanted as engagement gifts. Since that was twenty months ago, I figured it was time to ditch the old and revamp our lists.

Initially, I had some issues with registering for gifts. First, everything I have read says to multiply the number of guests by any number between 1.5 and 3 to get the number of items to have on a gift registry. That number blew me away! While I can secretly lust for material items, I felt awkward making a list of stuff for people to buy us just because we decided to tie the knot. I have trouble telling people to get me stuff for Christmas or my birthday. Also, since we have both been living on our own for some time now, we have a bunch of stuff already. Asking for stuff has made be feel like a spoiled brat. Lastly, of the major apprehensions, we are not in a permanent housing situation. The apartment we live in now is definitely not where we live forever. I couldn't imagine asking for almost 200 different gifts to furnish a home we don't have. After reading other people's experiences with and recommendations for registering, we decided to do it.

After a rather long day, and a needed trip to shop, we decided to hit up Target to start our wedding registry. We had so much fun looking at stuff we never would have considered before, comparing luxury items, and scanning things into the gun. Even more fun was being able to look at our registry online at and sync it with the existing registry we had set up on so they are all together.

I totally recommend doing in store registering at least once! If you register with Target they give you a cool little packet of fun stuff. We got some little inserts for shower invites, as well as a gift card for Shutterfly! It was such a relaxing and fun experience for the two of us. Also, to make way for some of the new stuff we might be getting, we are donating a lot of things we will not need. While I went through the stuff we might get doubles of, I also found some things we have either never used or will never use again.

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