Monday, May 28, 2012

Elise Joy Review

During this little step back from blogging, I have been interested to see what my traffic is like when I don't have new content. Some of the hits I get most often result from Google searches for "EliseJoy Mini Book Review". Although several of my posts make reference to and link back to her site and sing her praises in an implicit manner, I have yet to officially post about what makes me a fan, just what I have done with her products.
image from Elise's Blog

First of, I think the fact that I continually make purchases from her shop is a huge indicator that her products are solid. To date, I have two mixed paper books (basis of minibooks) and a stamp set from the EliseJoy shop. I have also participated in the Minibook Extravaganza held at Teahouse Studios in Berkeley, Ca in November 2011.

I love what Elise sells. I love her products, her style, and the quality of what she produces. I love that she buys her paper bulk and cuts it all down specifically for these books. She arranges each book and then punches all of the pages by hand. I like that she makes these books on her own, in her own home. They are a product of her love and labor. That is the definition of handmade!

As someone that is toeing with the line of scrapbooking, memory keeping, and paper crafting, her mixed paper journals have been a wonderful tool in a new creative venture for me.  Not to mention her great tutorials! I love that as I was wading my way through my first minibook, I was able to access her video tutorials and her progress on her own book. She uses her own products and that is something I look for in other sellers and shops. I look at it this way: if a product isn't good enough for the maker to use in their own life, why should I purchase it?

On top of her great projects and products, she is an awesome person. Her blog radiates this creative drive and effervescent and joyful personality that is 100% genuine. In the time I got to create with her at the workshop, I was in awe of how much talent she has and how real she is throughout her blog. Granted those are not particulars about her products, but she is a person that puts herself into all of her work and that is worth noting in my book.

The bottom line: If you are thinking about buying products from Elise's shop, DO IT! They are entirely worth it!

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