Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday//Dress Shopping pt 1

Yesterday we got a huge piece of the wedding planning checked off the list. I went dress shopping with my mom and two sisters. It was definitely an experience. While we did not purchase my dress during this trip, I'll share some of my thoughts on the whole thing for Wedding Wednesday.
We went with David's Bridal. I have been in love with the Vera Wang collection with them since the line was released. They look ethereal and classic without being stuffy and cliche. I actually prefer this line of Vera's to all the others. I also picked a few from the David's Bridal stock on hand. In total, I think I tried on 10 dresses. On a side note, pay no mind to my hair! After rain, and constant touching from holding it between dresses, and people moving it to put on veils, it started looking really bad!

My absolute least favorites had tons of applique, lace, and "bling" type embellishments and I accumulated quite the reject pile. In fact, 7 out of 10 were definite "NO's". Berke reads the blog and even contributes so for today I am going to post just some of the rejects. I have one reject dress that I had picked out, one from my mom, and two from my sisters.Sister Pick
Dress style:
Taffeta Lace Halter
David's Bridal Style 9V3194
Description: Taffeta A-line gown is sophisticated and unique. Beaded-lace appliques adorn the bodice and skirt. Lace halter adds a feminine touch. Ruching and side drape create a flattering effect.
My Thoughts: Oh where to begin? I guess we should go top to bottom. The halter straps were incredibly too small. The feminine touch that it supposedly adds definitely makes me look like a no-neck troll. The ruching looked horrible and crinkled. I thought it was the slip/bustier getting bunched up, but it was definitely the dress. The draping cut right under my tummy which is my problem area. Instead of "flattering" I think it just accentuates the problem. And of course, the cheap looking applique and "lace" adornments. Definitely a No-Go!
Mom Pick
Dress style:
Soft Chiffon A-Line
David's Bridal Galina Style 9PK3218
Description: The perfect balance of style and grace, this romantic satin and chiffon gown will take people's breath away. Ruched halter bodice is form-fitting and flattering. Free-flowing ruffled chiffon cascades beautifully to create a soft A-line skirt.
My Thoughts: Boy did this dress ever take my breath away! Listed as Form Fitting and Flattering, it totally fits one part of my figure and flatters only my chest. The one area I don't need help with is my chest and I felt like this dress just puts the girls right out there for everyone to see. On the upside, it draws attention away from my tummy. The straps were also a problem on this dress as well!
Sister Pick
Dress style:
Strapless Tulle Ballgown
David's Bridal Style WG3316
Description: Look like you just walked out of a fairy-tale in this breathtaking tulle ball gown. Fitted strapless bodice is the perfect contrast to the full tulle skirt. Lace embellishments add texture and dimension to this whimsical style.
My Thoughts: Breathtaking. I love that it is their favorite adjective for some of these dresses! My sisters picked this dress simply for the closeup picture of the bodice with all of the embellishments. I do like that it has a tulle skirt however, it was too full for me. Again, the applique was just not my cup of tea. I especially was put off by the cascade of "whimsical" embellishments down the front of the skirt. It was like decorating my crotch!
My Pick
Dress style:
Organza A-Line Gown with Angled Draping
David's Bridal Galina Signature Style SWG339
Description: Simply divine, this dramatic organza gown is perfect for the ultra glamorous bride. Strapless gown features angled draped pick-ups to create a stunning and slimming A-line silhouette. Gorgeous sweetheart neckline highlights the shoulders while 3D floral embellishment at waist adds a modern touch.
Why I Picked It: When they hand you the magazine to pull dresses from, they don't give a dress name or description, it is just the style number. The shadowing and lighting in the picture made me think it was more ruffled than draped I thought it was tulle and not organza. I also thought the small embellishment was nice and would satisfy the girls. The silhouette looked flattering.
My Thoughts: The reactions from putting this dress on were THE best! Best Comments, Worst Dress! As I tried to walk from the dressing room to the platform in front of the mirrors was tedious. I could barely lift my leg to step up. My mom looked and me and said "Ohh! You look like whipped cream!" And my sister said "I just want to put a cherry on top". Finally, they closed the door so I could see myself in the mirror. Without even thinking "I look like the Michelin Man" just came out of my mouth. See example below:
Or you could liken me to the Jet Puff man that terrorized people in Ghostbusters! It was definitely the worst choice. Besides the fact that the draping bunched up on my hips and stomach much like the Michelin Man's bulgey spare tire, the bodice had very little support and my lady lumps were spilling out! It was a funny moment though!

I am so glad I have started my search early. I can be very indecisive when regular clothing shopping, and it only intensified with dress shopping. If I am going to spend hundreds and up to a thousand dollars on a dress I will only wear once, I want to make sure it is the best dress I can get for my dress! Although I did not walk out of there with my dress ordered, I did come away with a clear picture of the type of dress that looks best on me and what I want. Also, there is a list of three dresses that I will be trying on again in the near future.

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