Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring break was great! It was so relaxing and we did so much that I lost track of the days and never got a completed post done for this week. Unfortunately, our trip was cut short. As I type this, the biggest snow storm of the 2011-2012 "winter" season is hitting Northern Arizona. The snow accumulation thus far has been over 1.5 feet and is climbing. All the freeways into the area were shut down roughly an hour after we arrived home. I am so thankful that were able to beat the storm, or it would have been a miserable next couple of days. Here's a few shots from the past week.
The drive to California was great. The weather was beautiful, and the drive was easy and relaxing. We got there late Saturday night, but in the morning we got to see the cute farm dog puppies. Our Border Collie and Queensland Heeler had 7 puppies at the end of January. Right now they only allowed to play in a certain area of the farm so Berkeley was acting Puppy Border Control for the region. It was rainy after the second day, so we didn't really do too much. There was an errand we ran, and you can see a sneak peek of my sisters in one of the pictures above. More about that tomorrow!We had a friend's birthday party at our house. Look at that awesome cake! It was yellow sheet cake covered with chocolate frosting and then decorated fabulously. The trees were made of cellophane treetops attached to cinnamon stick trunks. Then she arranged a second layer of cake with some Pirouette sticks and some Hot Wheels to look as though they were "off-roading". The rest of the cake was decorated with gummy flowers. Probably one of the best homemade cakes ever!
Pi day also fell during our trip. This year, I made a Key Lime Pie for the celebration. It was whipped together with some simple ingredients and I'll be sure to post a recipe later this week. We cut our trip short due to weather. Currently it is 11* outside and the past two days there was a blizzard hitting Flagstaff. We pretty much raced the storm home and they closed the highway about a half hour after we got home.

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