Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Little Word + Seasonal Minibooks = Project Life

I know I am so late on joining in on this project, but I am doing it. I took a look around and trying to keep 3 long term minibooks and a seasonal depending on the time of year has just been too tedious. Trying to work the small bits into each journal has been taxing and I am just done trying to do it all.

On Monday, I put the order in on Amazon and thanks to the greatness of Prime I got the package on Wednesday. Since I am a little late to the game, I went with the Variety Big Pack of pockets and chose the Black Signature Binder both specifically from Becky Higgins via Amazon. Originally, I was hoping to snag a clearance album from work but the ones we have were all post albums and not the ring binder style.

I still plan on doing small books along the way. I have two books from Sam's wedding sitting around, and I still need to post the rest of my Holidays minibook. Overall, I think this approach to documenting our life and the exciting changes coming up in the next few months will be the best choice in the long run. All the do-dads and knick knacks can all be tucked away inside these neat pockets.

As for One Little Word, that too will be incorporated into Project Life. I never followed the overall layout that was being followed by most of the members of the class. I was doing it as a 4X6 minibook. I was finishing up my "assignment" for this month when I decided to make the switch. February was entirely photo based and January was more text based with topic specific cards. I have already figured out my approach. I am hoping this is a change for the better!

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