Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Things: Monday Feb 20

As I occasionally do, I am again joining with Lindsay over at Hello Hue. Here is a small compilation of the little things that made last week amazing! Be sure to click on through to see others' posts as well.
Hello Hue Little Things

Even though it was the week of Valentine's day, Berkeley and I spent very little time together. It was not very fun and it made me thankful that we were able to have BrewHaHa and all day Saturday together. It was definitely the small stuff that got me through. A lot of those things you can't take a picture of like short car rides, long car rides, fits of giggles, working together in the kitchen, snuggling in the last few minutes before we fell asleep.
Berkeley did get me a sweet little box of Dove truffles. Each little chocolate was wrapped with a foil wrapper and sealed with little silver tabs. The best was that these tabs had great sayings on them including "Love the small things". A great little reminder!
This weekend we went to more bridal fairs, more on that to come later, and we got some disappointing news about finances. I have not been in the best mood in the past few days, and I think this is partially why. I was so let down by the changes. Then I got the above email. I won't go into specifics just yet, but that email just lifted a huge financial burden off of our chests! I never thought six sentences could make me so happy and result in me bursting into tears.
Lastly, this little jar contains something so precious. I know it looks like just a dirty tissue in a bottle, but it is so much more. I am elated just seeing it on the window sill. Another little secret thing I can't go into more detail yet, but soon, I promise!

These three specific things were just a few of many that really have lifted our spirits around here. It has been particularly hard. A lot of personal stuff, remembrance of past losses and some scary news. I don't do this often, but if you pray, please send some out for our good friend that was seriously injured in a recent dirtbike accident. We really appreciate it and so does his family!

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