Monday, February 6, 2012


welcoming February with open arms, even though I am not quite ready for winter to be over.

striving to keep everything in order with school, work, wedding/life planning and remembering to blog about it all.

hoping to make some actual, tangible progress in our wedding planning.

considering going to the bridal fair again this year.

ordering new types of scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies off of Amazon.

celebrating Berkeley's job offer from the Kaibab for another season working as a Forestry Technician.

enjoying the simple moments Berkeley and I get to spent together in between classes and work.

working on the last few credits I didn't know I needed.

saying Goodbye to someone I feel has had my back at work for the past 18 months at our crazy workplace. KR, if you happen to be reading, your positive vibes and awesome personality are sure gonna be missed, but I hope you have a great time back home!

struggling to keep a positive outlook.

feeling like I am failing at Sparkling.

choosing to take it all on this last semester. choosing to succeed!

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