Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Little Word 2012

As I slowly delve deeper into the world of paper crafts, I keep finding these inspiring women around the internet that are awesome in each of their niches. Lately, I have been following Ali Edwards' work. Her posts were part of the inspiration for me to attempt December Daily (which I am working on finishing up) and now I am looking into One Little Word. You can read more about it in Ali's post here.

After thinking about it and mulling it over and seeing others' OLW projects, I was on board. Over the holidays, I found a word. Or more accurately, it kinda found me. I thought about it, dismissed it, tried to come up with something else. Every time, I came back to this one word.
spar·kle: 1. A small spark or gleaming particle. 2. A glittering quality. 3. Brilliant animation; vivacity. 4. Emission of gas bubbles; effervescence.

So many angles I could take with this one little word. To be honest, in between all of the great stuff, last year was kinda rough. Last year, I spent over 70 days at home alone. Last year, there were moments where I would look at myself and be really uneasy with the energy I was giving off. I somewhat felt like Pigpen with my energy. With this one little word, my plan is to take days like that and to sparkle instead of walking around in my own little dustball. I hope I can start shining through. I hope to be better at dealing with Berkeley being out on fires. For 2012, I hope to just be better.

Since this is my first time participating in One Little Word, I did sign up for Ali's class with Big Picture Classes. The class comes with writing prompts and digital downloads and creative ideas each month for focusing in on our words. Also included in the class are two community based features; a message board and gallery. I really like the idea of having access to these features to be able to see how others are using this project. While I am not sure if I will be creating a minibook, scrapbook etc. from this, I am excited to embark on this experiment of sorts!

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