Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catching Fire: A Review

Roughly a month ago, I posted my review of Hunger Games, the first book of the widely popular series by Suzanne Collins. On Friday, I got the second and third books. It was a great little start to the weekend. I started on Catching Fire as soon as I could on Friday evening and turned the last page on Sunday afternoon. Less than 48 hours. That is a personal record for me.

I feel like every series has a dull book in it. The harry Potter books had a few. Personally, Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire were drags to me. I only finished because they were essential to the storyline. As great as Hunger Games was, I was fully prepared for this book to have that same problem. Boy was I wrong!

Catching Fire picked up in the overall storyline where Hunger Games left off. It was filled with twists and turns. Every time I felt like I had the plot figured out, Collins surprised me with something I could never have imagined coming. One again, the characters are so well narrated on and entwined into the story, that the characters felt so real.

I was so into this book! Everything that I loved about Hunger Games was there in its own form in Catching Fire. The unique, engaging, and engrossing storyline, the setting so real, but also sad, and profound story told in such simple, but descriptive language. Just as Hunger Games, this book kept the same mix of action, romance, horror, sci fi and fantasy.

In its own right, Catching Fire stood alone from the first book as well. Hunger Games set the background as well as telling the first story. Many sequels spend so much time retelling the details of the previous book. They spend so many pages detailing the previous story. Collins took Catching Fire and created a its own story. It answered the questions left from Hunger Games and then creates a whole new world of mystery with its surprising plot. I could not be more happy with the second book of a series!

My only wish after finishing was that I had time this week to finish the third book Mockingjay. But alas, other obligations have my attention for now.

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