Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Year 2011

This past year has been crazy. Let's take a look!
exactly one year ago today, Berkeley proposed and I said yes!
we dealt with the landlord from hell.
we broke a bed frame in very prudish ways.
I attended my first professional hockey game.
we drove to California three times together and I went once by myself.
I participated in a Craft show and did not make a penny!
Berkeley went to Texas twice for fires.
My parents and sister Sam came to Arizona!
I graduated with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science.
I decided to put the "business" on the backburner.
We grilled.... A LOT!
we have packed and unpacked.
BK found a crew and a forest that he loves!
I exercised my patience bone.
Berkeley spent at least 70 days on the road.
I relearned how to be okay with spending a lot of my time alone
We got spend lots of time with one of our favorite tiny humans.
My sister got married!
I ate my first crepe.
Found myself a great group of like minded chick friends.
We had Pre-Thanksgiving with my family.
I got to spend two days with my favorite Blogger!
We started a wedding fund.
We had at least three emergencies that drained the wedding fund.
we started new traditions liked cutting down our own Christmas Tree.
We filled out the contract for the wedding venue.
And this year we traded in our White Christmas for warmer temps and enjoying the desert (at least for a few days).
Berkeley and I are very excited for all of what next year will bring!

This year we have gone through a lot. We have done a lot of growing as individuals and as a couple. We have set into a routine that works for us and I am so excited to have him by my proverbial side throughout everything we have both experienced this year. I am so blessed to have him!

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