Monday, December 5, 2011

Minibook Monday//December Daily redo

So originally I set my minibook up with 25 full pages for each day. For some reason, when I started working on each day, I found myself getting restricted by the full page premarked for each day. The colors, and designs were supposed to be easier for adding the stories. Didn't work out that way. I also wanted to incorporate more of the papers that came with the bare book.

While working on yesterday's page and thinking about today, I found out how I was going to accomplish what I was hoping to do. I took the pre-existing 4x6 I added last week. I cut an inch off of each end below (or above depending on how you look at it) the punched hole. That gave me approximately a 4X4 square.

I folded the square into a 2x4 rectangle. Since there were already two holes, I folded so the holes were on the same side and could be used as a guide. I was pretty amped because I got to use my fancy new toy/tool! Let me just say "It is suhhhweeeeet!" It went through my thicker glitter pages like a hot knife through butta!For those that don't know, That glorious, metal and orange thing in the picture is a Crop-a-dile Big Bite. That handy dandy thing is a multifunction tool that can punch through all sort of papers, cardstock, fabric and thin metals. It also sets grommets and eyelets!
Anyways, I folded all the pages to 2X4 tabs. On the thinner red cardstock, the foil paper and the green and white dotted page I rounded the corners. I added the pages to the book in the following order: Green dots, Red candies, green glitter dots, foil page and plain red cardstock. I slowly started adding the tabs and realized that it was time to add bigger book rings. I am hopeful that these little tags will make me feel like I have more options.

Stay tuned for more updates on this book.

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