Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Minibook Monday// NYC pt 3

Round 3 of the NYC Minibook updates which is on a Tuesday, Yay! Speeding up the unveiling. The next couple posts will be bulkier with all of the pictures of the ceremony and reception. Hopefully, the following week I will have another book to start sharing my progress on. Like always, don't hesitate to ask any questions about the book or my process.

Day two of sightseeing started with Rockefeller Center then walked down 5th Ave and then to Grand Central. Along the way we stopped at Theodore Roosevelt's Birthplace. The main photos were used as a grid. I used a pocket page to hold a map of everywhere we visited that day.
The other side of the pocket holds additional photos from the day. I used a gold metallic Recollections opaque scrapbooking pen for the writing next to each photo. The opposite page was a last minute add with part of the informational booklet from TR's birthplace.
The backside of the timeline and a journaling page. Same gel pen and brown cardstock as the other journal pages.
Again, I backed the journal page with the accent paper. Opposite of it is the invitation for the wedding.
The back of the invitation is a photo grid with the images from before the wedding started, including us ladies getting ready. More journaling including a section about how I could not hail a cab if my life depended on it!
Instead of adding the accent paper like all the other journaling pages, I made a double sided page. Opposite of it is a grid using pictures of the bride (photo credit Erin). Just like the grid in the first NYC post, I added lyrics to the background. The lyrics this time were from the song she walked down the aisle to. I ove the quality of these Shutterfly prints so much! I highly recommend their print services if you have a lot of pictures to process!

The whole book can be viewed here.

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