Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Their Big Day

I am just going to post some of my favorite pictures of the big day. It was absolutely beautiful. There were a few mishaps, but at the end of the day two of my favorite people were married to each other and that is all that matters. Photos are on Facebook and on Flickr. I only have a basic account on Flickr so I recommend the Facebook album.
This photo is actually from the night before the wedding. Her dog Leo "bought a pet stroller" using "his" Bill My Parents debit card and it convienently arrived the day before the wedding. She put the whole thing together while wearing this hot pink nightie. She definitely ready for her job as a wife LOL.
Right as the ceremony ended, you can see the happiness just radiating from their faces. They love each other so much. They really are such a beautiful couple.
Berkeley took pictures of the family while the photographer was getting us all lined up. We were essentially lined up in order of height. Left to right it is my Dad, my little brother Ben, Casey, Sam, myself, my youngest sister Megan and then my Mom. While Sam is tall, she is also wearing like 5 inch wedges as well. I am the only one wearing flats, so it looks even more like a height difference.
My Dad and Sam during the father-daughter dance. They danced to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. Both cried on and off throughout the whole song. I got one of my dad smiling though.
Two thumbs up! Everything was going nicely and at the very end, Casey shoved cake in her face. Sam could not get it in his face, so she reached down and grabbed the rest of the small tier they cut from and threw the whole thing at him. It was awesome!
After the sun went down, the dancing started to heat up. The DJ started playing some slow jams and the happy couple got up close and personal!
The area where the wedding was held is on the edge of a seasonal creek. It is also slightly humid and once it cools down at night, the grounds become dewy. After a few hours, the wedges were killing her, so Sam danced barefoot. My favorite moment of the night was when Sam hiked up her dress, and slowly sunk her feet in the cool water of the swimming pool. The pool was lit and it was the perfect moment. I wish I had better control of our camera to have captured the moment more effectively.

Unless otherwise asked, this is the end of the regularly scheduled posts about Sam's wedding. I may post side notes about things as more photos pop up. The cameras for the scavenger hunt are getting processed this week as well. I think they turned out to be a great success! Of the 30 cameras, at the end of the night over 25 of them were completely filled up with guests asking if there were anymore! Also, I guess I gave a great speech, so if anything pops up from that, I will be sure to share as well! Thanks for bearing with all the glitches this past week!

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