Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stats and Whatnot!

So about a week ago, I noticed the stats link on the blogger homepage. Slow, I know! I am quite blown away by the pageviews I get. I never knew so many people have been coming across my recipes and posts based off of google searches!

Thank you to those that are reading! Please do not be shy. Leave a comment just to say hi, or ask questions or even give suggestions! i would love to get to know you. If you are new here, feel free to check out the "recipes" tab. If you are one of my faithfuls that reads every single post, I adore you all!

I know some people live by the stats and google analytics. I don't think that is something I will be doing. It has given me a clearer picture as to the types of posts people like. The biggest thing I have gained from this little discovery is motivation! I am inspired by the fact that people are actually coming to my blog and hopefully some of you newcomers will stay awhile longer!

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