Saturday, October 22, 2011


This year my birthday was up in the air as Berkeley was sent on a second trip to Texas which originally started with a dispatch to Wyoming. Including travel days, Berkeley was not scheduled to be home until the day of my birthday! Instead planning a party of some sorts, I planned for Happy Hour at the Chili's near my work on my actual birthday.
It worked out that Berke got home the day before my birthday. We still did drinks but the next day Berkeley treated me to a Sushi dinner. Located Downtown, Monsoon's On The Rim offers an eclectic mix of Chinese cuisine as well as a variety of sushi rolls. Thursdays just happen to highlight an All You Can Eat sushi menu. Between the two of us we had eight rolls of sushi which works out to roughly 32 pieces of sushi! Yikes! But it was delicious.
We usually start the night out with the easy stuff like California and Shrimp Tempura rolls. Then as the night progresses, we get a little adventurous! The favorites of the night were the Captain Crunch roll, the Gargoyle roll and the Red Rock roll. These are listed under the "specialty rolls". Each is uniquely different despite them having similar ingredients.
We quite frequently head over there and for good reason, their fish is delicious! Service is great most night. I admit, it can be a little slow on Thursdays, but imagine 7 tables of 2-3 people all ordering sushi rolls! A little crazy. On the upside, I have never been disappointed by them or the food they serve! I definitely recommend Monsoons!

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