Monday, October 24, 2011

Minibook Monday// NYC pt 1

While my printer has been down and out, I have had to put the Summer Minibook on the back burner. I have all the pages planned, I just have to get it finished! Once I set the final date for the Summer book I started in on a minibook for our trip to New York City in December. Before I get into the meat of the post, I do want to send out a huge Thank You to those we met in NYC that shared their photos with us including Allison P., Blake B., Natasha B., and Erin M!

For this project, I started from scratch. I tried to pick out papers that matched the overall colors of the wedding. Once I had a color palette in mind, I worked on the pages with multiple pictures on them. Then I picked out the full 4X6 page pictures. I uploaded all the image files into Shutterfly and had them shipped for less than $5 and they turned out great.

My local Michaels doesn't carry plain pieces of chipboard so I used thin sheets of cork I found in the Open Stock paper area. The back was adhesive so I lined the covers with a patterned paper matching the color scheme. I used a scrap of that paper for the front label along with gold alpha stickers.
Part of the paper suite for the wedding invitation, there was a map and accommodations list. I trimmed the top "Welcome to New York City" header off and added it with roller adhesive to the inside cover. The RSVP was a vintage style postcard that I just put right in without altering.
On the back of the post card, I added the itinerary for the weekend. Facing it is the map. Plain and simple. To jazz it up, I rounded the corners.
Facing the back of the map, I added a photo page from out first night in the city. This page was made using the same methods as my Photoshop photo grids inspired by Elise's video. To incorporate other details, I added in the lyrics of a song that fit the feeling of that night.
The back of the photo grid is another photo from the night as well. It is of a whole group of us on the escalator going up to the subway platform (photo credit Erin). Facing that page is just a dark brown piece of Bazzil cardstock with journaling from the day. I used a gold acid free gel pen. On the top I just used an office date stamp and gold ink.
Friday Dec 17, we did a quick tour around the lower part of Manhattan including Battery Park, St Paul's Churchyard and Ground Zero. I used a another photogrid for the page. Opposite is a pocket style page. I added 2 of our many MetroCards as well as some small images from the day. For these pocket pages, I used clear plastic used for cardmaking. The open edges were closed with Recollections brand glitter tape!
The other side of the pocket page allows you to still see the images from the grid page while reading the journaling from the day's events. This page just documents the touristy side of that day. Same paper and same pen as the other journal page.
The whole book can be viewed here.

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