Friday, October 28, 2011

Holiday Ornament Exchange

This year I have decided to organize a Holiday Ornament Exchange! I have been trying out all sorts of ornament ideas and I am loving it. So I figured why not share the joy and invite others to join in! Right now I am thinking that it will run similar to a Secret Santa. Everyone will be assigned a number that corresponds to another participant and that way everyone will receive at least one ornament. I plan on making an Ornament for each participant and posting the tutorial for each here. Just because I am making mine, this doesn't mean that you have to make yours!

This post is just a feeler to see if there is interest in the project. Comment on this post or email me and I will count you in!

Tentative Schedule
Nov. 10 Deadline to join in
Nov. 15 Recipients assigned
Dec. 10 Optimal date to have ornaments in the mail so the recipient can enjoy them prior to Christmas

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