Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Mini Book Progress #5

My fourth summer goal was to make progress on my Flagstaff Bucket List. I looked up a lot of their logos and used Photoshop to layer them all. I used a gradient fill for the background and I tried to pick colors that matched the back of the teal textured paper. Nate and Jayde had a BBQ Badminton party and I used the pictures for another photo grid.
The back of the Badminton photogrid, I did another photogrid with text. I just added the pictures of BK from the Wallow Fire along with the description and the devastation it caused. I had a few typos so to make them less obvious I wrote over some of the pre-printed text with an orange sharpie. Facing it was another photogrid from a Doggy Birthday Party!
This spread is from the First Friday Artwalk in July. It was my first time going to artwalk. I had a blast. This group of people is amazing to hang out with. For some reason when I printed it the far left edge didnt print at first. It threw the dynamics and dimensions off. Thankfully, the blank photo paper edge allowed room for some journalling. On the other hand, the shift resulted in me inadvertently punching my face out. Everything else was fine though!

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