Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week In The Life//Tuesday

So I am back with my photos from the Week In The Life project. I am slowly bringing these pictures and thoughts together into its final compilation.

Our mornings usually start between 6 and 6:30. This morning BK snapped a photo before waking me up. i quickly made up the bed. Our bed set during the summer really just consists of a duvet, the fitted sheet and our pillows. Why not just a flat sheet? In the mountains it gets cold in the early morning hours and a flat sheet doesn't quite cut it. After Berke heads out to work around 7, I enjoyed a few quiet moments to myself with with breakfast and a glass of cranberry juice.

The afternoon was filed with some crafting of all sorts. First, I worked on a bracelet idea and moved to some other stuff. My desk is a little bit of organized chaos. I set some things up to dry and then moved onto a small project for my sister's bridal shower. I picked out a collection of pictures from the boxes I inherited from my Grandmother. To be honest, I sobbed through a lot of the time I was looking through the pictures.

Once Berke got home for the day, we made some burgers for dinner with sweet potato fries. In the middle of dinner we ran to a friend's place to help her install some shelves in her man's closet (he was out on a fire). Before heading home, we stopped at Sonic for shakes. I love the new cups! We settled in to watch a movie before bed, and less than 5 minutes later he was asleep!

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