Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Mantra

This summer is been busy busy. Between work, summer events, and trying to revamp Nine14Design, I am trying to streamline my daily routine. While browsing Pinterest, I came across an awesome print by Funnelcloud on Etsy.While I do not spend absorbent amounts of time on my hair, I do buy headbands, hair ties and other hair controlling accessories. I usually always have my hair pulled back and under control. Not anymore this summer! I am embracing my messy hair and letting be its true, curly and unruly form.

As you can see, my hair is a little crazy. On this particular morning, half of it was slightly wavy and a little flat, while the other side was crazy curly. Don't mind the silly face, I had a mini photo sesh in the morning. I like the way my eyes turned out. Not all squinty like most other pictures. This also means the camera is functioning normally again! Yay!

Since I love the sentiment and the print itself, I purchased it. As Pinterest becomes even more popular, original links and true credit seem to be getting lost. I encourage everyone to give credit where credit is due. Please do not rip off other artists. Instead, support those people whose products you truly enjoy and always Link with Love!

photo credit: Rachel @ Funnelcloud Studio

PS. More Cheese is always needed for a great day ;)

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