Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Mini Book Progress #2

Continuing with the minibook, I copied one of Elise's pages and used the spiral clip to hold in a greeting card. It was a little bit larger than the 4x6 page, so I trimmed it down and adhered it to the page so that it would slide over the rings better. The next page was a little bit more interesting and I really have no clue how I came up with it.

Before graduation, a company sent me a sample graduation announcement. It had been floating around the apartment and since it is what I based my DIY announcements on, I figured it could be used. At first glance, it looks like just an invitation of some sort. Then you open it up and voila, there will be one of the professional photos from graduation put in there.

It was a tri-fold card, but it was too long to mount on a page. I cut a piece from the middle of the back and attached them around a paper from further back in the book. Not only does the colored paper add another fun element to the serious look of the announcement, it covers the sample text down the middle. The text continued on the bottom flap. Instead of finding more paper to cover it, I wrote up a "currently" post for everything I was experiencing from graduation and attached it to the bottom flap.

The text of the "currently" post can be found in this blog post. I laid it out in Photoshop for a width of 3 inches and a length of 6 inches to fit in the flap. Used the same dark blue as the outside text of the announcement. For the date, I used a color that matched the background of the paper for the center that the photo will be attached to. Lastly, to fill the weird void in the crease, I added more gold glitter tape. It mimicked the gold of the announcement.

The back of this page has yet to be finished, but I think I will make a collage of the photos from either graduation with family or photos from the move since the fourth page is the layout of our new apartment.

The picture came from the info booklet form the rental office. I scanned it and uploaded it to Photoshop. From there I flipped the image so that it matched our layout exactly. At first it had labels on each of the spaces. I didn't like it so I removed those and added the text shown. I then printed it on some textured paper. Lastly, I cut it down to 4x6 and punched holes in it.

The back of page 4 was a great photo of us! Haha. We ordered some Shutterfly change of address announcements. They came in a weird size like 4x9 or something rather large. I used an extra, and cut it down to size. I like the photo a lot (even though it isnt from summer) and figured, I know my own address so I took most of the extra off the text side.

Page 5 is just another photo grid made in Photoshop. I used some of my favorite photos from our tee ball outings with The Zambonini family. Six eqaul size photos with a gray background. I used a downloaded font and wrote the title of the page. I am sure there will be more of these "Hanging with The Zamboninis" layouts because they are a couple in our age group. Each one, I plan on changing up a little here and there. I just printed these grids on regular photo paper for my printer. I have a few other random pages made up but there isnt any particular order for these pages.

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