Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//The Past Month of Planning

After the small break and slowing of the wedding planning, I have a small list of things we have decided on. Most of them I will slightly mention without giving away too many big details.
First and foremost, we have come up with an overall "theme" of the wedding. Before we get into it, most people see "theme" and cringe. We don't have anything crazy planned like a masquerade ball type wedding or anything. We just decided on the general feel of the small amounts of decoration, flowers and attire. Once we plan all the little tiny details, it will tie together everything from the venue, to the dress, and so on. Also with this "theme", we have decided on out favors and general food/treat options.

Speaking of the dress, I haven't planned on a time to go dress shopping yet, but I am keeping an eye for what I like, may like and definitely won't like. So far, I have loved a lot of fuller gowns but nothing that has the volume of a ball gown. And, I am slowly steering away from white and more towards off whites and ivory. When it comes down to it, my dress will be unique and something that reflects who I am. I have also decided on what my ladies will be doing for their attire. More on the clothing options down the road.

The centerpieces had been loosely decided upon as well. I have been trying to find a way to tie succulents in with the rustic Spanish vibe of Tlaquepaque. After stumbling across Ready Made, we have found our first major wedding DIY! It is a planter box idea that is a little out of the box. We have even already started on this project by bringing succulent trimmings home from California. So far they have transplanted quite well!

We have five different species of succulents for now. I have them in small plastic planters since they are all still so small. Once they start taking full root and growing more rampantly, I am gonna start getting larger planters and doing more transplants. These guys are living in the south facing windowsill in the work room that way they can get maximum sunlight even though its still quite chilly outside.

I think the things we have come up with have got us on the right path. We know the approximate price of everything so it is now a waiting game to book the venue so we can purchase/book everything else.

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