Tuesday, May 3, 2011

End of the Road

Well, the scholastic road... for now. I have been quite absent across the blogging front and that is mainly due to the crazy amounts of work I have been doing to finish up the school semester. This will be my last full time semester as an undergrad. That's right, I am graduating!

Also, my housewife capabilities have been put to the test the past few weeks. The Saturday following our last post, April 16, Berkeley was dispatched to Midland, Texas to help with the fires there. He is currently still on assignment, but finally making his way back home. Until this assignment, I never fully realized how much he does around the house while I am at school and work.

The past two weeks I have been doing as much as the cooking and cleaning as humanly possible once schoolwork is done. Let me tell you, it really hasn't been that much! I feel like I am failing at everything. The last few nights have been a mad dash to get the house at least presentable for BK. I don't want him to be overwhelmed by leaving one disaster area just to arrive at another.

Between all of it, I have managed to get some new things together. First, and foremost, I started experimenting with using fabric on some of the frames. I got one done and finished it off with paper flowers and beads. see the full detailed post on the Nine14 Design blog here.

Since BK has been gone, not much cooking has taken place. Easter was a bust this year, but I did make something new which I will be posting the recipe to soon. I need to remake it since there were a few mishaps the first time around. I'll figure it out and then post it all here.

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