Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday//Save The Dates

So I am 99% positive that we have found our Save the Date cards. I know it is extremely early for this! Since our wedding is a destination wedding for a majority of our guests, I planned on sending them out about a year from our actual wedding date just as soon as our location was booked. This gives our out of town and cross country guests plenty of time to make travel and accommodation arrangements.

Originally, I was concerned about finding something I liked that didn't break our budget. While helping my sister find her save the dates, I noticed most of the cheap stuff was also cheesy. I couldn't justify spending roughly $100 on notes to tell people the general date and then add on postage costs. Who really wants a huge formal envelope just to notify them of where/when some couple is getting married and getting another when the invite is sent? Not me and I was on the search for a postcard style. It got to the point that I thought I was gonna have to design the whole thing myself which had potential of turning into needing to design invites myself. Basically I would have possibly spent tons of money.

Today all these worries were put at ease! After browsing someone's DIY wedding webpage I found a site with free resources including save the date postcard options. I am not going to post pictures of them just yet because I want to be a surprise for now. I will say that they are beautiful and fit the look we are going for. Plus BK loves the which is always a good sign.

A few other wedding related things have come up. We have nailed down a guest list for the whole thing as far as we know. Unless our parents have any random requests that we need to accommodate, we will be right on target for 100 guests. This is by no means our only and final draft at a list since the wedding is so far away. Plus we have pregnant guests and couples with chitlins on our guest list, depending on our venues rules these little ones may or may not be included in our guest count.

Secondly, the Sedona Wedding Professionals Bridal Fair is on Saturday! I am super excited about it. We are spending the weekend at Poco Diablo thanks to BK's parents. Along with the fair, we plan on going to Tlaquepaque to check out the space we are interested in using. Expect a photo heavy post next week!

Ps I am posting from the iTouch so I will add the wedding Wednesday post pic later on. Until next time!

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