Monday, January 24, 2011

Wedding Woes

The past few days of reading and "researching" wedding stuff has been a little sad. I just want to have this amazing wedding of my dreams. Sedona's Tlaquepaque would be my ideal location. I am getting discouraged about $$ signs and limitations. I have an idea but if we go with Tlaquepaque, there are certain venue restrictions that impede with those ideas. Plus, Sedona is a hard place for travelers to get to. It is making me a little antsy.

In a more uplifting note I have a more certain idea about how the invitations for the wedding are gonna be, I think. As someone that loves getting snail mail, I have been considering sending out Wedding Party Invitations. While I haven't found the perfect idea for those I did stumble on this idea of an envelope invitation pocket. Two envelopes are put together by having one flap glued into the opposing envelope. The inside is covered with decorative paper.

The tutorial showed different slices of paper with different information slipped into each side. The other flap was glued to the "front" of the other envelope. The back was stamped and signed by the sender. After filling it in with all of the information the sides were closed like a book. The whole thing was finished with ribbon wrapped around it and tied in a bow on the front. It is simple yet so beautiful.

If I were to use this idea, I would pick different colors than the ones shown. Maybe use a golden/metallic brown color envelope and accent with twine or raffia, maybe even a deep burgundy ribbon. Or vellum envelopes. Maybe even raw handmade paper with the twine. So many details to consider.
I have kinda made myself a little crazy at times with the wedding stuff. I got obsessed for a few weeks with the wedding stuff. Like really obsessed. Saving links, making plans, considering buying items. I am thinking that taking a step back is needed.Also, as a way to bring order to my wedding planning, and sort of organize this blog without having to start a new one for wedding stuff, I am gonna start implementing Wedding Wednesdays. I have made a header so if you can't stand my wedding chatter just bypass the entries with the above header. It won't be a hard fast rule, but I will try to keep the wedding stuff for the designated days.

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Heather said...

I got burnt out really fast when I first started looking at wedding stuff because everything was so expensive, and I knew that realistically I could never have the "wedding of my dreams". That was another reason the courthouse thing really appealed to us, because we were ready to be married and knew that financially it was not an option. Now I have decided that when we eventually have our ceremony, we are doing things our way. I have totally stopped caring about what everyone else wants from us :P

I think with all of your DIY ideas and creativity you will be able to pull off something extremely spectacular. and possibly even be able to put a lot of money into your dream location with how much you save by doing stuff yourself.

I think sending out wedding party invitations is such a cute idea! I never would have though to do that.

Love the banner! I'm excited for future wedding related posts :)

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