Sunday, January 23, 2011

Criollo Latin Kitchen

As I mentioned in the year roundup, for Berkeley's birthday we went to Criollo Latin Kitchen for a late lunch. This latin inspired restaurant was opened in 2009 by Paul and Laura Moir the owners of Brix. Since their opening, BK and I had been eager to dine here since its opening and on his birthday we finally got that chance. The ingredients are always fresh and local, and a vast majority of the wood used to refurbish the interior of the location was beetle kill. Every year hundreds of tree get cut and burned because they are inhabited by beetles. The owners chose to use trees that were getting cut to protect forest health instead of tapping into other resources.

We went early in the afternoon so we ordered from the lunch menu. I had the pork belly tacos consisting of braised pork belly, sliced cabbage, pickles, jalapeno glaze and pico de gallo. The pork belly was perfection. I was nervous about the pickles since I am not the biggest fan, but it was a great complement to the jalapeno glaze and the flavor of the pork belly. The plate was served with three tacos with rice and black beans.

BK ordered the fish taco plate which was corn tortillas with seasonal fish, cabbage, smashed avocado, ancho cream and pico de gallo. The fish was an awesome white fish with a mellow flavor. There was no overpowering fishy taste. Both dishes were great and fairly inexpensive for the feel of the place. I would have to say that the pork belly tacos were my personal favorite.

To finish the meal, we ordered churros which we drizzled with chocolate and served with a chocolate dipping sauce. They were so light, but also perfectly crispy. I honestly, don't want another churro from anywhere else. They were just that good! We look forward to going again to enjoy more of their offerings including the house drink specials.

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