Thursday, January 13, 2011

MMmm Chocoláte

So we listen to a podcast every now and then put on some people that are very close to us. Boy Bear and Girl Bear recently bought a retirement home in Bisbee, AZ. One of the many discoveries they have made during their travels to Bisbee is an amazing chocolate shoppe.

The owners of Chocoláte are spirited artisan chocolatiers that use top of the line ingredients to make decadent and exotic single source chocolates and truffles. Every now and then we get a bar or two from the BBGB crew. After hearing of our engagement they sent us a box of truffles and a bar courtesy of the owners of Chocoláte.

I truly enjoy their chocolates so much and after their kindness, I figured I would share with my blog friends about their awesome chocolates. We have sampled a little bit of everything from their shop. including truffles, their hot chocolate and other confections.

First the barred chocolate. For Christmas we received the Venezuela Criollo Ocumare and Bad Girl Breakfast Blend bars. The Venezuela is a rich and earthly dark chocolate with hints of fruitiness. It has a little bit of cacao kick to it but finishes smoothly. The Bad Girl Breakfast bar is a milder dark chocolate from Ecuador mixed with toffee and toasted almonds. We also got the BGB bar as an engagement gift from the Chocoláte owners. I love both of these bars at different times and for different reasons, but my favorite is something we haven't had in full bar form.

Back in March 2010, BK and I visited BBGB down at their Bisbee home. We were lucky enough to go to the shoppe where these amazing creations are born. While there we were offered many samples of their offerings including a chunk of the Madagascar bar. This one is a red hued bar with hints of citrus and a raspberry finish. The flavor is consistently smooth.

Also in March, we had the opportunity to taste their hot chocolate. It is listed as the best hot chocolate in the world and I couldn't agree more. We got a little shot glass sized espresso like cup to sip and even though it was pretty warm outside, I still wanted few full sized mugs full of this rich, smooth chocolatey goodness.

As for the truffles, we were sent a small box of four, two each of the truffles the couple had made for their son's wedding last year; Berry Butter Bites and Corazon Primavera. The bites were square truffles filled with butter and chocolate ganache with raspberries and pomegranate. The square was topped with candied cranberry pieces. With the sweetness of the fruit ganache and the bite of the dark chocolate, the flavors melded together perfectly. The heart shaped Corazon truffles were filled with a rosemary and lime ganache and finished with edible gold luster dust. Both were delicious and so amazing that we split each truffle in half and it was very satisfying.

I was almost considering trying to figure out a way to incorporate their truffles into our wedding fund. But alas, we are two broke college students trying to plan a wedding, that doesn't exactly fall into our financial plans. We can dream. But if any of these things sound delicious to you, they all can be purchased through the Chocoláte online store, email or phone.

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